Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I sent the invites

I sent the invites

I finally sent the invites for my  birthday and of course it's all girls cuz i cant swim if there's guys but i'm happy and hopefully they will come.


The other day

You know how i love anime I kinda got my brother hooked on Ouran highschool host club and he was watching the videos all yesterday also the reason why I couldn't go on the computer yesterday.


Nothing to do

At the house nothings going on really except i finally find that him leaving is not the end and i'm kinda over it oh and I kind got the weird idea in my sleep that i wanna sing for the next years prom.Also me and sister was watching barbie yesterday that we actually played barbie last night hehehe "immature".then my dad and lola asked me "HOW OLD ARE YOU AGAIN" and i answered well "WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND HANG OUT WITH THE WRONG CROWD"
and they said ok im fine with you playing with barbies just no boyfriends.hahahaha knowledge

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nothing to do


Watching tv

Gosh I can't believe there's nothing on tv.That sucks I mean seriously when there's no school then they don't show the movies and stuff but when there's school the best things come on.


A legend has died

Elizabeth taylor a beautiful woman who struck hollywood with her famous movies and attracting looks.She was my papa and mama's favorite actress.Behind her eye color it was violet and guess what she didn't open her eyes until after 10 days.I respect her for one of my favorite movie "Cleopatra".


The battle in Libya

I hope you all pray for the people of Libya so that there will be peace again but what is most disturbing is that if you haven't notice that all the countries under "Monarchy"  is going out of control coincidence I dont know.

Disaster in Japan

Please help the homeless and hungry for iot is the duty of all people to help on another.Even if you have no money or you dont got the time your prayers are enough to support and help the people of japan.

The Catastrophe in Pennsylvania

For all of the cat lovers out there this may be disturbing.In pennsylvania the cats who have no home have been brutally abuse by who knows who it was showed on the news that the police department found 15 cats in a car with no food or what so ever for them to survive.Animal Cruelty are the only two words I can say I mean even the reporter broke down in tears when she saw that most of the cats had scars and were very sick.now they are save in a animal shelter if you wanna help just adopt and for sure your love and care is all they need to feel at home.


Anime Update

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

It's official the show "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is coming to animax on april 6, 2011.dont forget to watch.

Maid Sama

huhuhuhu....... Unfortunately maid sama will not be having a season 2 unless the they decide to make one but some they said that the show will only have one season and continue as a manga instead. : (

Gakuen Alice

Yep that's right alice academy is back they have a new manga that got issued dont know ehn but on manga fox chapter 142 Rapunzel.hope you'll like it!

Updating my Blog

Yesterday's buzzz

I was at school with my bestie watching my crush a dude i don't even know if he likes me cook along with his classmates I was all kilig but I was more concentrated and scared that I was going to do that next year hopefully i will pass.Anyway I got so bored that me and bestie longing spiritn me and her went out window shopping at unitop and made my blog at her house by the way it was so fun..

I was still all sad about my friends and Lexter graduating and not seeing them anymore but then I realize I gotta move on so listened to the song the "the climb". Then I said it was first love for me but How about him? .......(thinking). Does he feel the same as I do so I got on my facebook and he kept on going on and off  it was confusing and worst of all he didn't even talk to me.

I started the other two conversations so why should i start.I mean to know if the guy is interested then he'll talk to you but he will start it so i waited turns out he didn't talk to me I was so mad and sad : (
listened to taylor swift songs YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID NO and PICTURE TO BURN. It made me feel better and I said I still have College and hot college guys wait until i'm twenty and i'm in paris the city of love and he will be with his kids and wife at home still in the philippines and he's a tricycle driver hahahahaa i'm joking and being delusional but ya that's how I felt.

But I felt good after I watched "the young victoria".It's about Queen victoria that's where i got my name she is also my fav queen it was a beautiful love story between her and albert they wrote letters to each other to show their affection and that their there for each other ayiiiii.


Cleaning the house

Nothing much just that my lolo got highblood from yelling at my lola's sister.nothing I can do oh well....


Mcdonald and Sunstar

My auntie libre us at mcdonald's yummm........ then we went to sunstar to get out of the house I was getting soar eyes from playing on the computer and watching tv hehehehe Wat a Reason.

Updating my Blog

I had alot of fun updating my blog so as having a hard time.I mean ya went to computer class last year and learned HTML but seriously it's not like I remeber doing it; having to link stuff is so boring to me that, that's the same reason I lost my website and it took a hard and long time to make that thing you know.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Start of something new!

yeheyyy!! I got something else to do besides facebook and it's called blogging.
I had so much fun in creating my blog with my bestie "Longing Spiritn". check it out!! if you wanna follow me don't be shy and just do it.